Everything You Need to Understand About Demolition Services in AUS

Demolition of a house or building is a complicated process and takes considerable experience and knowledge. The demolition process can only start with the approval of local authorities and compliance of state laws. It requires compliance of different laws and code of practice for construction and demolition. Like rules for demolition time, noise and disposal of debris. 

There is a misconception among the owners that demolition is quick but it really takes time. The demolition can take days, weeks or months. So, don’t believe the hearsay. The entire process requires proper planning and a clear strategy to get everything smooth. 

C4 Demolition

Prerequisites For Demolition

Before the demolition takes place, all facilities like electricity, gas, water and sewer must be disconnected at the site. Apart, several approvals are required from state departments and local authorities. Once permission is granted, you can start demolition. The crucial thing in the whole process is to remove all items that can be reused or recycled later. It can save a huge cost when constructing a new home. You never know what will work later, so it’s better to consult the professional. 

Things to Do Before Demolition

First, you need to inspect the house yourself and ensure there is no hazardous material left in the home or building. You may find many dangerous materials in stores like asbestos and lead paint. Since asbestos procedures are strict and can put your demolition into limbo, it needs to be handled with care. Know the rules and procedures for removing and disposing of such materials. Take the service of a licensed professional to handle asbestos as it is concerned with safety.  Demolishing a house with the purpose to rebuild it might take revised approval due to changed building codes for construction. So, make sure you have got the revised plan to go ahead with demolition with confidence. 

How Much Demolition Costs?

When you have a demolition plan, you know what to remove and keep. Demolition can cost about $10,000 to as much as $100,000 depending on the size of home and type of demolition. Be specific on what you want to remove so that you don’t have to spend extra. 

Choosing Demolition Type

Demolition has many types and each costs differently. So, you need to be sure about the type of demolition you need. It can save your money and time as well. If you don’t know anything about demolition types and costs, consulting with a professional would be a good idea. A demolition expert can guide in setting up a detail plan before the actual process starts. 


Safety is the most critical concern during the whole process of demolition. Before you start demolition, ensure the safety of the crew and people working around. Everyone on the site should wear protective gear and identify any possible collapses.

Inform Neighbours

It is the duty of a home or building owner to inform neighbours before commencing the drill work. The neighbours should be taken into confidence and provide them with all necessary information. Make sure their pathways are not blocked by machinery, and their properties are safe.

Hire a Licensed Demolition Company

Since demolition is a dangerous process and only a licensed contractor can carry out the demolition. So, look for the companies that may have licences for the following:

  • With a demolition license
  • With a builder’s license
  • License to use explosives
  • A construction Induction card

The scrutiny of demolition companies is must when locating a demolition company. Look for a well-reputed company with extensive experience in the industry such as C4 Demolition. Besides, make sure the company is injured. Always sign an agreement with the demolition company so that claims can be secured in any dispute. All roles and responsibilities of both the parties must include in the contract.  

What Else Should I Keep in Mind? 

Finally, execute your demolition as planned and leave the rest to the demolition company. Demolition is stressful and complex job, it is better to take a professional demolition company to save from all the hassles. The company will do everything from demotion to construction of a new building according to the codes. This is how you can build a new home with complete peace of mind. If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as we can.